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I am very grateful for the trip, the leaders, and your service. I would recommend Adventure Bible Tours any day, to anyone I know.  


Paul Johnson

(former Mayor of Phoenix, AZ)

All was wonderful and thanks to you all for the great organization of the trip. 


E. Doe

I highly recommend Adventure Bible Tours and tour guide Aharon to any one planning a trip to Israel. You truly feel the spiritual, historical and current aspects of this incredible country. It was an incredible experience trip for me and through the eyes of Aharon I truly feel blessed to have traveled the journey with the BEST and all his knowledge.


Lynn Engel

This trip has inspired me to re-read the Bible through its Hebraic roots, to research more of the Jewish culture, and to dive deeper into its spiritual and political histories. But the best part? My relationship with the Lord has grown immensely. There is something special about walking in the places which, beforehand, were always black words on white pages I read about in church or in devotions— places I could never "picture." Going to Israel has made me realize that the Bible is truly alive— that the God of Abraham and Moses and Paul and Peter is the same God we worship today.


Courtenay Gleason

This was one of the most meaningful trips that I have been able to attend. Although the days were long, I do not regret any of the activities and saw them all as important parts of the trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone!


(Name not provided)

Aharon and ABT were great! The trip was amazing and I highly recommend this Holy Land trip.


Mari Rotty

Lindsey did an amazing job organizing this trip to Israel. Her connection to Adventure Bible Tours and Aharon made this trip truly an experience of a lifetime - never to be forgotten! We had group of 37 people who made the trip very special and now we share a unique bond. My prayer is that more of the Desert Christian community will go and get to experience Israel together.


Brandi Gleason

The trip to Israel through Adventure Bible Tours and with tour guide extraordinaire, Aharon, is truly the experience of a lifetime! To see in-person the places where Jesus taught, David ran from Saul, and Herod built his palaces, combined with Aharon's Scripture-based commentary, helped to bring the Bible to life. We will certainly read our Bibles with new eyes from now on as a result of this trip!


(Name not provided)