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A trip to Israel is life-changing and Adventure Bible Tours can make it happen.  ABT walked with us every step of the way.  Their service was immediate, their price beat all other competitors, and their Israel guide was brilliant.  We will continue to use Adventure Bible Tours with all our Israel trips.

Pastor Fred Williams, Snohomish Community Church

I am very grateful for the trip, the leaders, and your service. I would recommend Adventure Bible Tours any day, to anyone I know.  


Paul Johnson

(Former Mayor of Phoenix, AZ)

I wish I had not waited so long to visit Israel!  Adventure Bible Tours was thorough in planning, executing, and arranging for one of the best guides in Israel. The Bible really came alive, walking through the historical, archeological, and scriptural relevance of each site we visited. I highly recommend Adventure Bible Tours.

Pastor Dennis Adams, Founding Pastor, The Church at Arrowhead

One of the best decisions I ever made as an educator was to partner with Adventure Bible Tours. Our experience in Israel was both historically and Biblically accurate.  ABT supported me throughout the planning and marketing phases and provided excellent customer service during our trip. I look forward to working with ABT in the future. 

Lindsey Riebe, Teacher- Desert Christin Schools

I hosted my first trip to Israel with Adventure Bible Tours and absolutely loved it!  Working with them was a seamless effort as they proved very helpful in all aspects of the planning and preparation.  Their experience in hosting many trips to Israel gave us a wealth of insights and tips in our planning and in the trip itself. Our group had a great experience and we are eager to make another trip soon.  I highly recommend Adventure Bible Tours!

Pastor Mark Smith, Grace Community Church

The Steps of Paul trip was much more than I expected. From the accommodations, to the guide, the experience was one of a lifetime.  


Snohomish Community Church

The Steps of Paul tour was exceptional. Seeing the ancient sites where the Apostle Paul shared the gospel was very moving as I reflected on passages of the Bible describing his missionary tours. I would highly recommend this tour. 


Snohomish Community Church

All was wonderful and thanks to you all for the great organization of the trip. 


E. Doe

I highly recommend Adventure Bible Tours and tour guide Aharon to anyone planning a trip to Israel. You truly feel the spiritual, historical, and current aspects of this incredible country. It was an incredible experience trip for me and through the eyes of Aharon I truly feel blessed to have traveled the journey with the BEST and all his knowledge.


Lynn E.

This trip has inspired me to re-read the Bible through its Hebraic roots, to research more of the Jewish culture, and to dive deeper into its spiritual and political histories. But the best part? My relationship with the Lord has grown immensely. There is something special about walking in the places which, beforehand, were always black words on white pages I read about in church or in devotions— places I could never "picture." Going to Israel has made me realize that the Bible is truly alive— that the God of Abraham and Moses and Paul and Peter is the same God we worship today.


Courtenay G.

This was one of the most meaningful trips that I have been able to attend. Although the days were long, I do not regret any of the activities and saw them all as important parts of the trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone!


Grace Community Church

Aharon and ABT were great! The trip was amazing and I highly recommend this Holy Land trip.


Mari R.

Lindsey did an amazing job organizing this trip to Israel. Her connection to Adventure Bible Tours and Aharon made this trip truly an experience of a lifetime - never to be forgotten! We had a group of 37 people who made the trip very special and now we share a unique bond. My prayer is that more of the Desert Christian community will go and get to experience Israel together.


Brandi G.

The trip to Israel through Adventure Bible Tours and with tour guide extraordinaire, Aharon, is truly the experience of a lifetime! To see in-person the places where Jesus taught, David ran from Saul, and Herod built his palaces, combined with Aharon's Scripture-based commentary, helped to bring the Bible to life. We will certainly read our Bibles with new eyes from now on as a result of this trip!


Desert Christian Schools

I loved how packed each day was, with 4 to 7 sites per day. Felt like we received a year's worth of information in just 8 days. I'm still digesting all of it. Our guide, Aharon, was beyond amazing!


Snohomish Community Church

It was the most educational and spiritually encouraging trip I could ever have imagined. Aharons commentary and teaching were above and beyond.


Snohomish Community Church

Israel has brought my bible to life. I experienced places that I could only dream of and I am so thankful for such a great tour guide to help me understand the link between the old testament, new testament, and the sites we visited.


Snohomish Community Church

Experiencing the Holy Land with a well-educated Messianic Jew was superb. Learning about the ancient sites and then seeing multiple centuries of more sites built upon each other was eye opening. Finally walking in the footsteps of Jesus and the disciples is simply indescribable.


Snohomish Community Church

My life will never be the same! Reading scripture is even more impactful as I can now visualize where stories from the Bible took place.


Snohomish Community Church

Seeing and experiencing what we’ve been reading in our Bibles for years increased our desire to learn more, understand better, and love the Jewish people even more.


Snohomish Community Church

We had an extraordinary time in Israel. The guide was very informative, the sites were fascinating, and we came away with a deeper faith and a love for the land and its inhabitants.


Snohomish Community Church

ABT did an exceptional job of preparing us with both background information about Israel and preparing us practically (what to pack, etc,) well before our trip. They were available for any and all questions we had, returning emails and calls promptly. We felt very secure traveling to Israel with Adventure Bible Tours behind us.


Snohomish Community Church

This was an experience that will affect me for a very long time. It was an opportunity that let us follow in Jesus' footsteps and grow deeper in our relationship with Him.


Northridge Baptist Church

There was clear communication of needed information and willingness to answer any
questions I might have joyfully.

NXT Student Ministry Tour

It clearly was the best experience to date for my whole family!

NXT Student Ministry Tour

The experience was awesome, and I am ready to do it again!

NXT Student Ministry Tour

This was an eye opening and invigorating experience! The Bible has a whole new meaning, and my
life will never be the same.

NXT Student Ministry Tour

Being in Israel literally brings the Bible to life, and I came away with a deeper understanding and connection to the places where so many Biblical passages take place. The Bible became 'real' in a way that just reading doesn't provide.


NXT Student Ministry Tour

I'd recommend this trip to anyone!

NXT Student Ministry Tour

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We can't wait to go back!

NXT Student Ministry Tour

I always say that the Bible doesn't come alive in Israel, the Bible is alive. But what does happen is that the Bible goes from black and white to vivid color! Adventure Bible Tours facilitates a full-color trip to the Holy Land!


Grace Church

Visiting Israel was life-changing. I'll never read the Holy Bible the same way again and my relationship with Jesus was enhanced greatly. Adventure Bible Tours, our guide, and bus driver made visiting the Holy Land so easy and accessible. Highly recommend!


Grace Church

This was an amazing tour of an amazing place. It exceeded all my expectations!

Grace Church

It was an amazing trip and Adventure Bible Tours did an amazing job.

Grace Church

This trip to Israel has forever changed my lens for reading Scripture. It gave me the geographical and cultural context that will change how I am able to understand Scripture.

Grace Church

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