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Adventure Bible Tours' mission is for every Christian to experience the adventure of walking through the pages of the Bible, in the places where they happened.


All of our tours are customized to meet your specific needs and budget. Regardless if this is your first time organizing a tour or have led multiple trips, Adventure Bible Tours will walk with you each step of the way in planning a biblical trip of a lifetime.


As a Christian travel ministry, Adventure Bible Tours has international partnerships that provide the necessary elements for a life-changing and unforgettable journey. Our desire is that you will experience what it’s like to travel with a purpose, knowing that when you return home you’ll never be the same!

Each tour is custom-designed to create the ideal trip for your group. No matter if this is your first time leading a group or you’re an experienced tour leader, Adventure Bible Tours will walk with you each step of the way. 

Custom Tour Packages

Leading a group allows you to travel with others who share your passion, along with receiving all the host benefits of traveling to the lands of the Bible.  ​​

Pastors, college professors, teachers, small group leaders, or any other person in leadership can become a tour host.

A.B.T. will guide you in all aspects of your customizable tour.  From promotion, through your return home and all the details in-between. 

Tour Host Benefits

We partner with one of the largest tour agencies in Israel to give you an experience that will have you viewing the Bible in a new way.

In addition to visiting biblical sites, we make a special point of helping you understand how the people, history, culture, and geography of the land connect to the biblical events of the Bible.​

A.B.T. Partners


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