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All our tours are custom designed to visit as many biblical or Christian historical places as possible.  Most tours
are ​​typically 10 to 12 days in duration, but they can be more or fewer days depending on your specific needs. 
The following is just a sample of a Churches of Revelation tour.  This is one type of tour you could expect when
traveling with Adventure Bible Tours.

Churches of revelation

Day 1

Our journey begins with an overnight flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

Day 3

Hagia Sophia

Our journey begins visiting the Hippodrome Square, where chariot races used to take place and proceed to nearby Hagia Sophia, built in AD 532 by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Continue to the Blue Mosque, which is famous for its beautiful blue Iznik tiles. Then walk to Topkapi Palace, which was not only the residence of the Ottoman Sultans, but also the administrative and educational center of the state.

Day 5


We drive to Pergamum [Rev. 1:11; 2:12] with its impressive sites, including the Altar of Zeus referred to as the “Throne of Satan” in the book of Revelation. We continue to Thyatira [Rev. 1:11; 2:18-24; Acts 16:14], famous for its purple dyes. Enjoy a panoramic drive of the city of Smyrna [Rev. 2:12-17] before returning to the hotel.

Day 7

Hierapolis 2

We head to Colossae to start the day. Epaphras, the friend and companion of the apostle Paul, who was imprisoned with him, brought Christianity to Colossae [Col. 1:2].  Then, we proceed to Laodicea (Denizli) [Rev. 1:11; 3:14; Col. 2:1; 4:13-16], where we see the ancient theater and visit the Gate of Domitian and the Arcadian Way among other monuments. Today’s tour will end with a visit to Hierapolis [Col. 4:13] where ancient hot springs cascade over cliffs, forming stalactites and pools.

Day 9

Kusadasi, Turkey.jpg

Begin the day with an early morning transfer to the port of Kusadasi for a ferry ride to the Island of Patmos, Greece. Visit the Byzantine Monastery of the Apostle John the Evangelist with its outstanding frescoes and interior decoration. Continue to the nearby cave where the Apostle John stayed during his exile and wrote the Book of Revelation. After some free time, return to the port and take your private ferry back to Kusadasi.

Day 10

1-Ephesus 1.jpg

We drive to Ephesus (Acts 18:19-21) and visit the ancient city and the Basilica of St. John. The Apostle Paul preached to the Ephesians and lived here for three years. We tour the spectacular ruins where excavations continue in this once great and important city, which was founded in the 10th century BC.

Day 12

flight 2

Transfer to the airport for the flight home.

Day 2


Upon arrival in Istanbul, you will be transferred to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Discover the beauty and hidden gems of this magnificent city.

Day 4

Grand Bazar

Start the day with a visit to the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world with more than 58 covered streets and over 1,200 shops. Later, we enjoy a traditional excursion by boat on the Bosporus along the waterway separating Europe and Asia. The shore is lined with old wooden villas, marble palaces, fortresses, and small fishing villages. Afternoon visit to the Underground Cistern and then transfer to the Airport for a flight to Izmir. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 6

Sardis 2

After breakfast, we visit the Ancient Agora in Izmir. Then drive to Sardis (presently Sart) [Rev. 1:11; 3:1-4], one of the most picturesque sites of the Seven Churches of Asia. We visit the great Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Cybele. In Philadelphia (Alasehir) [Rev. 1:11; 3:7], we will see the remains of the Byzantine Basilica and 11th-century frescoes. Drive to Pamukkale for the next two night stay.

Day 8


The day starts out driving to Didyma, the famed prophecy center dedicated to Apollo. It was not a city, but a sanctuary linked to Miletus by Milesians with a 19 km/12 mi sacred road. We continue to Miletus, an ancient city located near the present Akkoy at the
mouth of the Buyuk Menderes River. Miletus owed its importance to its position on the trade routes. It was one of the largest cities in Anatolia with a population of between 80,000 and 100,000. Highly prosperous, it founded many colonies and was the home of the 6 th
BC philosophers Anaximander, Anaximenes, and Thales, the town planner Hippodamus, and the architect of Hagia Sophia, Isidorus. Having a prominent position, Miletus became the most important port in this area, and it was the most active member of the twelve cities of the Ionian Confederation. In the 7th century BC, Lydians besieged the city. The city was then controlled by Persians, Romans, and Seljuk Turks.

Day 11


This morning, we transfer to the Izmir airport for a flight back to Istanbul. The remainder of the day is free to explore the city on your own. Discover the old and new parts of Istanbul and get a real feel for this fascinating city.

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